It is a social responsibility of HIT International Corporation (HIT herein after) to protect the name, address and other personal information provided by our customers on our website.
As for the personal information on our website, they are supposed to be protected as below, subject to its scope of application within this website. We are not responsible for the protection of personal information in other websites linked from our website. Thank you for the attention in checking each website accordingly.

個人情報保護方針/Privacy policy

We strive to handle, manage and maintain personal information with understanding that it is our important social responsibility with following policies.

1.個人情報の取得/ Acquisition of personal information

The personal information shall be collected after notifying of the purpose of use and with the consent from the person.

2.個人情報の利用/ Use of personal information

The personal information acquired shall be used within the scope of the purpose of use indicated at the time of acquisition, except as required by laws and regulations.

3.委託先の管理監督/ Subcontractors management and supervision

In case of providing personal information to a subcontractor in order to carry out the purpose of use, the subcontractor shall be properly managed and supervised.

4.個人情報の第三者提供/ Personal information disclosure to a third party

The personal information shall not be provided or disclosed to a third party without the prior consent of the individual except as required by a law.

5.個人情報の管理/ Personal information management

Appropriate and necessary measures shall be taken to prevent disclosure and/or leakage of personal information

6.個人情報の開示、訂正等のご請求/ The reuqest for disclosure or correction, etc. of personal information

If the personal information is requested the party to be disclosed or corrected, prompt action is taken under the law.

7.法令、規範の遵守と見直し/ Compliance and review of laws and norms

We will comply with relevant laws regulations and other norms, and strive to continuously improve and improve our efforts to protect personal information in accordance with changes in the environment.

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