3. 経営理念






Aiming at business which creates close bonds or ties with people


私の信念としている「人の絆」を実践すべく、ビジネスとは切り離して、”HIT INFORMATION CENTER (通称 : H.I.C.)” を立上げ、運営してきております。

Our company was founded in 1996 shortly after the bubble economy collapse. At that time, many corporations in Japan were forced to conduct so-called restructuring programs which had cut back many employees. Some corporations went out of business. We were lucky enough to have overcome such difficulties and have survived. Strong ties with our customers prevented us from the business failure. We are not supposed to run after profit only. When we respect strong and close ties with our customers, the profit will be realized through business activities, we believe.

In order to encourage and practice “Strong bond with people” principle, I have founded “Hit Information Center” and have been supporting it.

Seeking “Unconventional business style”


We run our company based on some new ideas. We have no mandatory retirement age system. All staff members are expected to work as long as they want. We have no marketing rules or restrictions as to how to conduct business activities. We respect eagerness or enthusiasm of each person. We are very happy with that all of staffers enjoy working long and richly. We, therefore, have neither “Company Motto” nor “Company Song”.

Expansion of overseas network


It is quite important for a small company like us to build up the overseas network and to maintain the existing overseas network in good condition. We visit with our customers overseas as frequent as possible. Then, we try hard to communicate with them. We like to listen seriously to what our customers want to us. Through such positive attitude, we are able to build up the mutual reliability and maintain good ties with them, we believe. We hope to expand such reliability all over the world

Transfer of our experiences and know-how and Co-existence


We like to transfer someday our experiences and know-how to the younger generation.
We hope to provide such occasion for younger people of not only Japan but also
Neighboring countries including Korea and China, who are enthusiastic for self-help.
This does not mean a kind of investment. It will be co-existence for mutual benefit.