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Focusing on Semiconductors manufacturing Field

Since the establishment of company, we have been handling consumables and some system equipment relating to semiconductors manufacturing sector. In our consumables business, there are two main pillars. The one is consumables for silicon wafers manufacturing field. The other is for hard-disk manufacturing field. These consumables are used in lapping/polishing processes of wafers and disks. We have been engaged in supply of such consumables for long time. We are proud of sufficient supply record to our clients around the world. We plan to step into other field, such as silicon wafers for solar panel, sapphire wafers for LED and so on. As far as automobiles and heavy equipment fields are concerned, we supply electronic Rust prevention system, "RustArrestor" through one of our subsidiary.

Focusing on Semiconductors manufacturing Field

Teamwork by Specialists

We are a battalion composed of specialists. Our business activities are conducted on Teamwork basis. These specialists are of sufficient experiences and skills, acquired In the past while working at “Sogo Shosha”. We are proud and delighted to be able to offer some improvements for manufacturing process and new business project to our Clients around the world. We believe close ties with clients enables to lead successful Accomplishment. The teamwork of our specialists will surely help our clients, we believe.
When needed we dispatch our specialists quickly to clients to assist. This is a great advantage for us.

Teamwork by Specialists

Partnership with emerging countries

We have been doing business with many countries where IT business is growing such as USA, EU and some Asian countries. In recent days, China, Thailand, Vietnam and some Others have been developing semiconductors relating business. We have had a keen Attention on them and have tried hard to build up better connection. We like to establish A good partnership with these countries not only for economic exchange but also human Resource development viewpoint. We have been increasing our off-shore representatives.
We will strengthen our business relationships with such emerging countries as Russia, India and Indonesia.

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